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My blogging bio

I began blogging in 2006 on “Just Me” as a way to keep my family and friends up on my many adventures as a US-2 (aka a young adult missionary for the United Methodist Church) in Fargo, ND, and Baldwin, LA.  I continued blogging on “Just Me” as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to the University of Bristol.  In 2009, I moved to wordpress and continued to blog on and off for the next few years changing the title of my blog to suit my mood at the time. It seems important to share these spaces with you because they tell parts of my story.

My latest move to “Daily Musings on Life Together” is hopefully my last.  [smile]  This move coincides with some major changes in my life.  First, I was married in October 2012 and I’m happily now “Mrs. Frazier.”  The joy of being a wife to this man who I love so much is simply spilling over and I want to share it.  I’ve found that sharing life with the one you love can be the grandest of adventures.  Daily I am amazed by what I learn about life from Caleb.  Observing myself in the reflection of Caleb’s love also is teaching me more about who I am. The second big change on the horizon for my husband and me is our graduation from Wesley Theological Seminary in May 2013.  After our graduation, we’ll be moving away from Washington, DC, where we met and fell in love, to Tennessee, where Caleb is from and nearer to my family in Georgia.  Caleb will be accepting his first appointment as a United Methodist pastor in the Holston Conference.  While I’m sad to be leaving DC (we’ve had so much fun here and met so many wonderful friends), I’m so excited to begin this new adventure, to settle into our own house, and to begin this next phase of our life together.  As we begin to settle into our lives, I hope to chronicle our journey here.

I’d also like to use this space to relax into the joy of writing again.  I’ve found the pleasure of putting word to paper (or screen) is hard to hold on to as a graduate student.  When I write regularly, I’ve found that it can be for me a spiritual discipline that grounds me in the present moment.  I hope by challenging myself to write daily (or almost every day) I will live more fully into the present joys of life with Caleb and life in ministry.



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