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Smelly Shoes and Ice Cream

Before I move on to today’s musing, I want to take a moment to express my condolences and prayers for the victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I read a beautiful prayer yesterday by blogger Kimberly Knight on Patheos.com that I would like to share with you. Please follow the link to join Kimberly in her “Prayer for Boston.”

Now for the smelly shoes and ice cream… Sounds like a pretty odd mix, right?  Well, yesterday marked the end of a seminary wide shoe drive organized by the Student Council and several other student organizations.  I have to brag on the hubby for a moment because he’s really been the coordinator for this event.  Soles4Souls is his “favorite charity.”  They collect new or used shoes to give to persons in the world who have no shoes.  It seems like the simplest concept.  We all have shoes we don’t use and don’t need in our closets and there are people all over the world who need shoes.  So throughout Lent and into the beginning of the Easter season, we’ve encouraged everyone in the Wesley Seminary community to clean out their closets for a good cause.

The success of the event has been great! We’ve collected a little over 380 pairs of shoes and about another $100 in donations.  That puts us very close to providing 500 shoes for people in need.  It’s so exciting to think about where the shoes will go.  After packing the shoes, we celebrated with an ice cream party!  Also Caleb’s idea– I’m beginning to think that his plan all along was to find some way to have Refectory ice cream sundaes one more time before we graduate.  [smile]

Photos of the day’s festivities are included below.  Hope you enjoy!



Boxes of shoes headed to Soles4Souls!

Bags and boxes of shoes!

Bags and boxes of shoes!

Celebrating with ice cream!

Celebrating with ice cream!


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