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His and Her’s: Poetry

His and Her’s: A weekly series on “Daily Musings on Life Together”

The “His and Her’s” post from last week was so fun to write and so many of our friends seemed to enjoy reading it that I thought I would try making it a regular occurrence.  It may piddle out after a while, but I’ll go with it while it works.

This week we are tackling poetry.  April is poetry month; don’t you know?  [smile]   I must confess that these are taken from our wedding website, but I wanted to share them here.  The purpose of the poems was to introduce each other to the friends who would joining in on our wedding that might not have met Caleb or me yet.  The poem structure sort of happened automatically.  They don’t rhyme, but if I remember correctly from my middle school poetry class poems don’t have to.  [smile]  Oh well, I guess that’s enough stalling.  Please read on with lots of grace.

My poem for Caleb:

Caleb and Kramer!

Caleb and Kramer!

I’d like you to meet my Caleb…

he’s the “George Bailey” of Embreeville, TN,
and by coincidence his favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life…

he’s a lover of all things Jimmy Carter and an Atlanta Braves fan
and I think it was his plan all along to end up with a Georgia girl…

there’s nothing more he loves than dancing to Tonto at a wedding,
and he’s the only person in the world who can get me on the dance floor…

he’s always pronouncing the in-breaking of the kingdom,
and I know he’s going to be a great UM minister…

he’s sentimental, caring, protective, loving,
and most importantly he’s the man from the mountain who swept me off my feet.

With love- Margaret

Caleb’s poem for me:

Only Caleb makes me smile like that!

Only Caleb makes me smile like that!

Allow me to introduce to you my beautiful wife, Margaret…

Margaret is a traveling star who has traveled and lived in many different places,
so it makes sense her favorite song is My Traveling Star by James Taylor…

Baking is her favorite thing to do, pizza is her favorite food,
and her favorite place in the world is in her purple room…

She loves to read and she is an incredibly gifted writer,
and I tend to believe she is going to write the next great American novel…

She’ been a Valedictorian, class President, Archeologist, Methodist missionary,
and I know her gifts and talents will continue to help change lives…

She’s hospitable, intelligent, nurturing, enchanting,
and I thank God that she loves to dance with me by the light of the moon.

With love- Caleb


PS- I just added a new page under the “About: My Blogging Bio” tab in the header.  Check it out!


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