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Why I will never audition for Jeopardy?

Sitting watching Jeopardy last night, I began to think again about what it might be like to audition for this most iconic of game shows.  I pride myself on my store of random cultural and literary facts, but from all my “research” (aka TV watching) I’ve learned that knowing the facts only gets you so far.  So below is a column of answers to the question in this post’s title. [smile]

Official game show rules state that every “answer” must be given in the form of a “question.”  [When I play along while watching, I can never remember to say “what is” or “who is” before my answer.]

The categories can be so cryptic.
[I mean what does “SEXIEST POTPOURRI” even mean?  Apparently it means random trivia questions read by Alex in a “bow chica wow wow” voice.]

No matter how much money a contestant ends the game with unless they are in first place they are either given $1000 or $2000 only.
[Sometimes the contestants end up loosing a lot of money in the exchange.]

The game almost always comes down to the last question gamble.
[Did you see this clever winner from the Teen Tournament this year?]

If I’m going to be on any television game show it will be the # 1 game show– THE PRICE IS RIGHT!  [Margaret Frazier– Come on down!]



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