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His and Hers: THE Chair

Have you seen those chairs in Brookstone?  The big black leather chairs that give you a total body massage.  The chairs that cost almost as much as a small car and that you can “test drive.”  The chairs like the one Caleb is reclining in in the picture below.

"THE Chair"

“THE Chair”

This is “THE Chair.”  You know what I mean… this chair is that one object we just can’t get on the same page about.  Caleb loves the chair.  I do not.  [smile]  Given our current living situation (this chair would take up all the space in our living room/dining room/kitchen in our tiny apartment) and our current grad school debt, the topic of THE chair doesn’t come up very often, but when it does we simply can’t agree on the role of THE chair in our future life together.  Caleb is convinced that when we build our dream house THE chair should have a prominent space in our living room.  His dream is to recline in THE chair in the evenings while watching TV.  I am convinced that when we build our dream house THE chair should reside in its own dark closet!  [smile]  Relegated to the dark to sit in THE chair, I’m hoping it will loose all appeal.

The chair fully extended!

The chair fully extended!

Visits to any shopping mall inevitably devolve into visits to THE chair.  We march into Brookstone together ready for the battle to ensue.  Both of us secretly convinced that this time we will finally win the other over to our side. [smile]

Caleb says, “Just sit in THE chair.  I know you’ll love it.”

I retort, “THE chair is pinching me!  I feel trapped.”

“Everyone will love to visit us because they get to sit in THE chair.”

“Only one person can sit in THE chair at a time.”

“It’s just so comfortable.  Maybe we could put it in our bedroom.”

“It’s just so ugly.  I don’t want to put it anywhere in our house.”

After we’ve both made our closing arguments, we each look at THE chair, sigh, and walk out of Brookstone leaving THE chair behind… “for now” says Caleb, but I say “forever.” [smile]



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