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Bread for the Journey

Yesterday evening we joined in our last worship service at the Seminary as students.  We were uplifted by the voices of our classmates and teachers raised in song; a message of hope that we can bring a message of love and unity in the ministry settings to which we are going; fellowship at the table; and individual prayers for our future by the faculty members who have guided us along the journey.  Our spirits were fed and I was left feeling ready to move forward.

What a blessing it is to feel ready for what is ahead!  Change when we are not ready to accept it can be so frightening and frustrating and overwhelming.  Yet when change arrives and we are prepared to accept it and move forward it is life giving and joyous.

At WesleyI am sad to leave seminary.  Moving to DC and entering seminary changed my life forever, but we must move down from the mountaintops of life to share with others the vision of a promised future where love reigns.  We cannot dwell on the mountain for people live in the valley below.

A line from one of Caleb’s favorite movies, Big Fish,  that he loves to quote helps describe the joy of being ready to say goodbye.  Edward Bloom has been living in the magical town of Spectre. When he realizes it is time to continue on his journey a citizen of the town says, “You won’t find a better place.”  Edward responds, “I don’t expect to.”  Being prepared to journey forward from seminary is a matter of acknowledging this place was fulfilling in a way that I’m sure I will never experience again, but realizing that other places can be “Spectre” and I must leave this place to find them.  The lessons of the classroom and the lessons of living in this community are what I take with me and that provide bread for the journey ahead.



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