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Seeing with new eyes

We arrived safely in Tennessee yesterday evening to a still blue sky on this longer Spring day and were at home with Caleb’s parents as night fell.  After packing the cars, doing a quick clean of the apartment, tying up loose ends on campus and the 6 hour drive, I was so tired when I finally went to bed and still feel a little groggy this morning.  Moving is hard work! [smile]  Thankfully we had Caleb’s parents, Raymond and Lisa, to help pack up the final boxes in the Uhaul and lead our caravan most of the way.

The journey out of the city was a bit sad knowing we would not return for many months, but I also felt a sense of peace.  This move comes at the right time and I have said the goodbyes I have needed to say.  I also felt the familiar relaxation that has always come on our journeys out of the city.  The tension of city traffic gently rolled away as we drove further out of earshot of the blaring horns that keep me on edge.  I will miss a lot about our life in the city, but not that.  [smile]

Caleb and I were driving separately and didn’t chat through most of the journey.  I love my audiobooks and enjoy the hours of uninterrupted “reading” that a long car ride affords.  When we arrived at home we recapped the journey for each other. Caleb shared his reflections as we left the city and how they were so different from his reflections when he drove in for the first time to begin seminary.  He said he was “seeing with new eyes.”  I thought it was funny he should have shared this particular reflection because I felt something similar as we drove into Tennessee.  For the first time, it really felt like home.

I’ve always loved visiting our Tennessee family and enjoyed taking in the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of Caleb’s home, but it always felt like we were visiting “Caleb’s home” and not really mine.  We drove within 60 miles of the town where our appointment is waiting and somehow knowing that we would soon be moving closer forced me to pay more attention to where we were.  I thought about how the Target we passed may be “our” Target and how I imagined we would probably go out for date nights this summer at that drive-in movie theater.  I also fell in love the soft mountains and green valleys of Appalachia in a whole new way wondering if perhaps some place I was driving through would be part of the view we would enjoy from our parsonage.

Now nestled in the holler just a stones throw away from the rest of Caleb’s our family, I feel so happy and content.  I feel like I’m on the precipice of a new grand adventure and yet at the same time I feel rooted in a new way like I’ve returned to the mountains for the first time. 



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