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Stalking our new city…

So Wednesday morning Caleb and I set off on an adventure to explore our new city.  Of course we don’t really have any business there yet, but neither of us could wait to see where our new church and parsonage was located!  [smile]

While I love it and appreciate it, sometimes the Methodist appointment system seems so silly.  I’ve spent my entire life being moved from one place to another because of it so I’m allowed to say that.  [smile]  Each conference has a bit of a different way of doing things, but essentially the new pastor is only invited for one “official” visit to his or her new appointment.  Ours will be next week, but that is so far away and we’ve been waiting with the knowledge of where we were going for over a month.  Can you blame us that we decided to spend half a day peeking around as soon as we had the chance? [smile]

I imagine we may have turned the heads of a few residents with our circling around the blocks where our church and parsonage are located.  Hopefully any gossiping that seeps around will remember to include how happy we looked.  I am sure that we were both grinning the entire time.

First stop on the tour of our new city was the church.  We were both so excited to find that it is situated in the middle of an extensive neighborhood.  There are single family homes, trailers, apartment buildings, and a subdivision all within about a 3 mile radius.  It was amazing to think of all the people we will meet.  As we drove, I felt compelled to whisper words of blessing and prayer for these people who we’ll hopefully come to know so well very soon.  The church itself is a grand brick building with a fantastic playground!   I can’t wait to see how life will come pouring out through our ministry with the members.

Our next task was to try to locate the parsonage.  We didn’t have the address, but gathered the clues from what the Staff Parish Relations Committee chair had described to Caleb when he called to welcome us after the appointment was set and the pictures we found on the church website and set out on the search.  Eventually at the very end of our exploring we found it.  I really couldn’t be more pleased with the neighborhood or the look of the house from the outside.  It is situated on the top of a ridge and has a lovely view of the mountains surrounding.  We have neighbors on both sides but the lots are each a nice size so we’ll have plenty of space to spread out.  We even saw a few people on porches and driveways who looked so kind.

Those were the really big finds of the day.  Though we did spend a bit of time exploring the downtown and shopping areas of the city, there’s not much I could share with you that would be of interest except to say I have a good feeling that we’ll fit in perfectly.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to be moving from DC into another city… albeit a much smaller one. [smile]  The dining and entertainment scenes may not host “We the Pizza” or the Kennedy Center, but we do have many more choices that we were expecting.  Neither of us can wait to become official residents.


P.S.  I’ve already found the library. Given how excited I am to explore its contents, I think getting a library card is at the top of my first week to do lists!


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