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His and Her’s: 12 years old

His and Her’s: A weekly series on “Daily Musings on Life Together”

This morning I woke up to the sun streaming through the windows of my purple room in Broxton.  The joy I felt waking up here with my Caleb is mixed with the joys of all the other memories that decorate this space including the joy I felt when Grammy and Granddaddy began renovating this house and asked me what color I wanted to paint my room upstairs.  To my 12 year old self there was no other answer to give except my favorite color — PURPLE!   And so at 12 I became “Little Margaret of the Purple Room.” [smile]

The recollection of how significant picking out the color for this room was when I was 12 reminded me that Caleb was experiencing something similar in Tennessee all those years ago.  At 12 his parents had almost finished building their home and he moved into his blue room. It’s funny how our lives even then seemed to be joined together in a shared experience.

Oh how I wish I knew 12 year old Caleb! The next best thing is listening to him share about his 12 year old self.  At 12, Caleb was pitcher for his baseball team and had just made the basketball team.  He wanted to be a special ed teacher and coach when he grew up — dreams he has actually fulfilled!  He was a student at Lamar and his best friend was Mark.  As much as I wish I knew 12 year old Caleb, I also wish he could know 12 year old me!  A student at Toombs Co Middle School, I was just beginning to learn to play the flute in band.  I had a crush on Tyler, but I’m sure if Caleb had been around I would have crushed on him.  At 12, I still wanted to be an archaeologist.  I like to think that we might have been friends in that awkward way that only a 12 year old boy and girl can be friends.  [smile]

I mostly wish we could have known each other then because at 12 it seems like the whole world is beginning to open up in from of you and everything seems possible.  I would have liked to shared that first experience of boundless hope.  Of course, we are sharing a lot of boundless hope in our late 20s too! [smile]



2 thoughts on “His and Her’s: 12 years old

  1. I met Mark when I was 12 and instantly had w crush on him. He wouldn’t talk to me because he was shy around me. So for a while, I thought he was a snob and was very upset that he didn’t seem to like me in return. We laugh about it now. You could always find their FNL videos if you want to know what they were like back then. Some of them might be kind of scary- I am afraid to watch some of them myself. It sure would be fun to get together with you guys!

  2. Temala- I’ve had a viewing of a couple of FNL videos and I agree they are quite scary! 🙂 my favorite is the Christmas Special where Mark and Caleb lip sync to a Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney song. I would love to hang out with you guys too.

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