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“The Church”

Our new church in Kingsport, TN!

Our new church in Kingsport, TN!

So excited to share our weekend activities with you!  On Saturday we met with the PPR (Pastor-Parish Relations) Committee at our new church in [drum roll… please] KINGSPORT TN!  The announcement of our appointment is finally officially!  I am so excited I finally get a chance to share, but I guess you could probably tell from my overuse of the exclamation point in the sentences preceding.

After our official visit, we are both feeling even more excited about the possibility for ministry in this area than after of first “unofficial” visit to peek around.  We felt so incredibly welcomed by the District Superintendent who has a great vision for ministry in our area as well as the members of the church who seem to be as enthusiastic and excited as we are.

Our visit also included a tour of the parsonage and I really couldn’t be more pleased!  I did take a few photos but as it’s not really my house yet I’ll wait to share those.  One of our favorite features of our tiny apartment was a big window/door in our living room and we were so excited to find that this house has a big window/door in the living room too!  I love windows and natural light!  I am already beginning to plan how we might arrange the furniture to fit our lifestyle.  I’ve thought of a couple of possibilities so Caleb might be moving furniture around in a few combinations. [smile]

I’m now beginning to anticipate our move even more!  It feels at bit like Advent waiting for move day to come, but instead of decorating for the holiday we’re packing everything up in boxes.  Praying with the hopefulness of a child awaiting Christmas morn that move day will hurry here!



2 thoughts on ““The Church”

  1. I am so Happy for You & Caleb.. You said You wanted to Live in TN. Can’t wait to se You Two.I’m so Proud of Caleb

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