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Handle with Care

Yesterday while boxing up the china and crystal we received at our wedding, I realized that I still have a lot to learn about packing.  [smile]  Thankfully I’m the daughter of expert packing extraordinaire- Bill and his well seasoned assistant- Sue!  Last night, I happily received an impromptu lesson for packing china from the master himself.

Take one dish and starting at the corner of a blank sheet of newspaper wrap dish.  Do not use printed newspaper!  Repeat if particularly fragile glass item.  Place in small box with bubble wrap below and above.  Repeat.

Wrapping each dish in paper and then sandwiching it between bubble wrap takes on a zen-like quality after the third or fourth plate.  Soon I found myself drifting into my mind to examine all the worries and hopes surrounding the big change happening in just a few short weeks.  I must confess that my one worry yesterday evening was that everything make it to our new home in one piece.  Most of what I’m packing I’ve not even had a chance to use yet.  I barely resisted the urge to scribble “HANDLE WITH CARE” in red ink and capital letters across each box and settled instead for “fragile” or “very fragile” in the case of our china.

Find a bigger super sturdy box to store smaller box inside.  Cushion boxes in bigger box with heavy brown packing paper only slightly bunched.  Tape box shut and label “China/Kitchen/Very Fragile.”  Repeat.

Sometimes I feel like scribbling “HANDLE WITH CARE” all over myself and Caleb too.  No matter how excited we are or prepared we feel for what lies ahead I know there are just some things that will take us by surprise.  Whether its figuring out how to get a plumbing issue fixed at “The Parsonage” or negotiating our first Christmas at “The Church,” we’ll be new to something and we will need grace and lots of it.  [smile]  Having met with a few members of “The Church” already, I feel very certain that we will be well cared for and that grace will abound.  Trusting that grace will cushion the future’s unknown trials is another lesson I’m learning through the process of moving.

– Margaret


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