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From the land of no AC!

I am hot and finding it hard to feel super inspired this morning.  Our AC has been in the process of dying since Friday and yesterday the AC guy pronounced it fully dead at 10 am.  Now for the second morning in a row without any sputters of life from the air conditioner the temperature is rising in packing central.  Early yesterday afternoon mom decided that to escape the heat and to reward our packing progress, we would head to the movies.  In order to distract myself from the rising temperatures and to stop this post from becoming an all out whining session, I’ve decided to review the movie we saw.  Hope you enjoy!

Also if you have any suggestions for ways to stay cool while trapped in a house packing, feel free to post those in the comments. [smile]

Movie:  Star Trek Into Darkness
Director:  J.J. Abrams

Caleb, our home’s resident Star Wars fanatic, swears that George Lucas once summed up the formula for a good movie as “You introduce the characters.  You put them in an impossible situation and then you get them out of it.”  I’ve not been able to find the actual quote, but Caleb’s pretty trustworthy when it comes to random facts about any part of pop culture he really loves so we’ll trust that the quote is attributed to the right person.  [smile]  Anyway whether Lucas actually said this or not, it is the formula J.J. Abrams employed with great success in this most recent chapter in his Star Trek film series!

I have never been a big fan of the original TV series, but after watching the first updated Star Trek movie several years ago I was hooked by the great action-packed thrill ride with the compelling story line.  I particularly love a movie where I can’t quite figure out how it’s going to end and both installments in Abrams adaptation have left me guessing until the last minute.  In order to not spoil the plot for anyone else, I’ll keep my comments brief.  [smile]  This newest Star Trek picks up a few years from where we last left the crew of the Starship Enterprise and propels the characters forward into a new “impossible situation” where they must save the ship in order to save the planet.

My favorite part of this movie was the continued character development of Kirk and Spock.  This bromance is not completely solid at the end of the first movie and it starts off in this film also on the rocks, but we have future Spock’s (Leonard Nimroy) assurance that one day they will be fast friends and that’s exactly how the film progresses.  The back and forth struggle of these two figuring out how to work together even when they literally grew up on two different planets makes relatable and convincing the fantastic scenarios in which they find themselves.  You can believe that Kirk and Spock must confront the moral questions posed by the humanoid villain John Harrison, aka Khan, because they are at the same time exploring each others’ moral compass.

In one word, Benedict Cumberbatch portrayal of John Harrison is brilliant!  This actor who is better known as Sherlock Holmes in the new BBC adaptation of this classic sleuth is simply stunning in his ability to portray the mixed emotions of this complex villain.  I would even dare to suggest that his performance alone is worth the price of the ticket.  There’s this scene where the camera moves tight in on his face and well its fantastic!

All in all this was a superb film and not just because we were watching it in a refreshingly cool theater.  If you’ve not made it to the theater to see it yet don’t wait for your AC to die get your tickets!  Catch it before its gone.  [smile]



5 thoughts on “From the land of no AC!

  1. While reading the title of your post, I believe my Methodork tendencies took hold..when I read “AC”, I immediately thought you were referring to Annual Conference. I was admittedly a few lines in before I realized you meant air conditioning. I think I may have issues. Good luck!

  2. Wear wet clothes. This is Louisiana’s secret weapon. Get your clothes wet, wring them out, put them on and the water cools yku as it evaporates. Repeat as needed. Kinda tough to sleep this way, tho. Great movie review, btw!

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