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His and Her’s: Waffles

His and Her’s: A weekly series on “Daily Musings on Life Together”

Still no air conditioning, but we are trudging through and crossing all our fingers that the AC guy will show up today with the part that he ordered on Monday.  Hopefully we will be chillin’ like villains by this afternoon.  [smile]  In the meantime, we’ve found that maintaining our sanity while living in and packing up a hot house requires that we indulge in a few rewards throughout the day.  Last night we ate dinner out and then picked up a movie to watch at home.  And this morning we are headed to my favorite place to eat breakfast out… WAFFLE HOUSE!

If you know me at all you know of my love for this classic American diner.  I got onto the Waffle House bandwagon a few years ago when I moved back in with my parents who at the time liked to eat out there about one morning per week.  We’d always visited every once in a while when I was a child, but eating out there once a week really convinced me of how special these restaurants are.  I love to watch how community happens at Waffle House, especially between “the regulars” and the wait staff.  Though my parents don’t eat out at Waffle House as often as they once did, they are still regular enough customers to have a couple of waitresses who visit their table just to say hi during each visit.  I’m convinced that the church could learn something about what it means to welcome people from the Waffle House hospitality model.  Perhaps I’ll explore that topic a bit more in the future.  [smile]

Another thing I love about Waffle House is it’s predictability.  The coffee is strong and if you have a good neighborhood diner they’ll even make a fresh pot when you arrive.  The waitresses are down to earth and friendly.  The waffles are sweet and the grits are perfectly creamy.  And at our table at least the consistency of service is matched by a consistency in conversation.

For years my mother has always kidded my dad and I on our waffle eating technique.  Waffle eating technique?  In answer to your question, yes there are multiple ways to eat a waffle.  My dad and I meticulously cut our waffle following the lines and squares and my mother inevitably points out how silly she thinks we are.  Its a sign of our very rigid type A minds, she says.  In return, we appropriately mock her free form slicing of the delicious waffle before her.  We laugh about how there is no way that the other person can enjoy eating their waffle quite as much when they are using the wrong technique!  [smile]

Caleb’s first visit with us to Waffle House was secretly a test to see where he would fall in the waffle eating spectrum.  Funnily enough seems like us type A’s are attracted to free form thinkers because Caleb eats his decidedly less meticulously than me and my dad and more like how my mom eats hers.  [smile]  I guess its kind of a silly thing to notice and even sillier to bring up in conversation regularly, but we do and I’m glad.  Watching how Caleb eats a waffle is a reminder that he brings something different to my life.  As clique as it is to say so his differences complete me.  I am so fortunate to get to laugh and cry and argue and agree through life together with him.



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