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“Stranded at the Drive-In”

Our journey through the land of no wi-fi has finally come to an end!  The cable guy came to hook everything up (cable, internet, phone) this afternoon.  My parents have even enjoyed a bit of an upgrade with the addition of a Roku box with their cable subscription.  I’m not sure they will get much use of it when we aren’t around, but if they ever have a hankering to watch a movie or TV show I plugged them into our Netflix account.  Enough about the events of the day and on with a post that I began earlier in the week, but never finished because of the internet situation.

Last Friday marked my very first drive-in movie experience and while I wasn’t actually stranded, that line from the classic ballad from Grease was on perpetual repeat in my mind.  It took all I had not to belt it out when we arrived, but I know if I had I would have gotten quite a ribbing from my father-in-law! [smile]

Twin City Drive-In, Bristol, TN

Twin City Drive-In, Bristol, TN

I love going to the movies, always have.  The dimming of the house lights gets me giddy no matter what we are seeing and I absolutely love the opening music that accompanies the studio symbols at the first of a movie.  So I was already excited about simply planning to see a movie last Friday night, but the addition of watching it at the drive-in meant I was over-the-moon excited about our evening! [smile]

Twin City Drive-In did not disappoint!  We had such a great time watching the new Superman movie while nestled in a valley just outside Bristol, TN.  Super excited that we will be living so close and can go back often.  The new Superman movie was a typical summer blockbuster- loose storyline and lots of explosions- and completely benefited from the allure of the beautiful surroundings.

I was very surprised to see how many vehicles were already in place when we arrived just a little before the show started.  Going to the drive-in seems like such a novelty and I guess I didn’t expect many people to show up.  As the evening went on and the show began, more cars arrived I guess for the second show- The Fast and the Furious 6. Because the summer sun sets so late and the movie can’t begin until the sun goes down, we couldn’t stay awake for the second show.  Even though we left early, I have to say that going to the drive-in is a great deal!  Only $7 per adult ticket and you could even bring your own popcorn!  [smile]  All in all we had the best time and was just the first of many trips to the drive-in the coming months.



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