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A jar of lightening bugs

At the end of my friend Meghan’s email signature is a quote “~There is a bit of **MAGIC** in everything.~”  I’m not sure if its something she thought up herself.  The more likely scenario is that its a quote from her favorite source “Anon.”  [smile]  Either way I love the reminder she’s chosen to share with those she communicates with daily that not all is as it seems, that if we open our eyes we might see something a bit magical in the everyday.

Yesterday evening Caleb and I took a ride with Raymond around the hollers and coves that make up this community where Caleb grew up.  We set out around 8 and the sun was just beginning to set.  With no agenda except to just be together for a while, we drove the route Caleb and his dad have been driving ever since Caleb was born on a road along the Nolachuckey River through a cove that it seems like the world has forgotten.  Perhaps it was the time of day or the dim sparkle that was present over everything because of the small shower we got late in the afternoon, but it felt like we were driving through a world drenched in magic.  [smile]

As if perfectly on cue when we drove by a beautiful little white church on a hill, the lightening bugs (aka fireflys) made their appearance.  Hovering just above the earth and twinkling in such vast numbers, it looked like the whole world was sparkling.  [smile]  It was simply breathtaking and I began to think about how long it has been since I chased lightening bugs on a warm summer evening.  Too long, I decided and so I announced that I would find me a jar and try to capture a few when we got back to the house.  So that’s how Caleb and I found ourselves traipsing through the damp front lawn of his parents house chasing flickering dots of light.  [smile]

Thankfully we had the help of an expert– Jackson, Caleb’s 10 year old cousin.  Its amazing how adeptly he chased and caught the creatures that seemed to elude me at every turn.  After we had a jarful (of which I only contributed one [smile]), Caleb and I sat with Lisa on the front porch for a while just reveling in the magic of warm summer evenings.  Before we went in we released the lightening bugs into the black night and they twinkled as they flew off to be fairy lights in someone else’s yard.



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