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His and Her’s: Writing

We have both spent the morning at our computers writing.  Caleb’s putting the finishing touches on his sermon for our first Sunday- this Sunday!!- at “The Church.”  He’s going to do great!  I know because I’ve gotten a sneak peek.  [smile] I’ve been blogging.  We’ve had a fun morning doing our own thing, but being together.

I envy the way Caleb can put words on a page.  He gets a thought in his head and can pound out two or three pages in no time.  Pondering over every word and the placement of every clause, I write so much slower.  His speed and productivity was particularly frustrating when we were in classes together.  It seemed like he wized through assignments that took me forever.  [smile] Really its a matter of two different processes.  He lets everything he’s thinking just spill out and then goes back to edit.  I’m a more of an edit as I write type.

After posting one of my blogs recently, WordPress in its inspirational and congratulatory way spit back this quote from Carlos Fuentes who after a quick search on the worldwide web I found was a Mexican novelist.

Writing is a struggle against silence.

As soon as I read it, my writer’s soul sighed with the assurance that I am not alone in my struggles to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.  It is so much easier not the write, to not express thoughts and feelings.  Silence is more comfortable and it feels safer, but there is so much joy in the struggle of writing I can’t give it up. With our move to Kingsport, my opportunities for employment seem both wide open and completely closed because once again I find myself at a crossroads where I must choose which path to go down.  When I think about what I would most like to employ my time with, I have to admit a little voice within wishes it could be this– writing.  Whether writing curriculum for Cokesbury; articles for Sojourners or Archaeology Magazine; or as Caleb suggests the next great American novel, writing is what I enjoy despite the struggle and it would be wonderful to find some way to do this and support our family.  Someday perhaps I will be able to, until then I’ll just jot down my musings.



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