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Missing: Blue jean capris

The crazy back and forth of our in between lifestyle has finally taken its toll and I’ve started misplacing things left and right. First it was a pair of blue jean capris that were last seen (and I’m certain are still residing) in my mothers laundry room in Georgia. Then last night I forgot the power cord to my computer in Caleb’s office at the church. Minor frustrations that are easily fixed, but plenty of evidence that this living out of a suitcase is wearing thin. [smile]

Still there have been some definite highlights to life in In Between Land of course. Getting to spend so much quality time with our families is at the top of the list! After living in DC and so far away from our parents, it is really nice to not feel so rushed to cram a whole lot of experiences into one visit. We have also gotten to see so many different places in the last 6 weeks. The driving back and forth from Georgia, to Tennessee, and to North Carolina has felt a bit like a series of mini vacations. I’ve decided though that vacations are nice because they don’t go on forever. [smile]

I’m a creature of habit and I miss the mundane routine of everyday life together. Plus getting back into a routine has the added bonus of not forgetting my pants in odd places. [smile]

– Margaret


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