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New Home Week: Redux

We have Wi-Fi at “The Parsonage!” Having internet hooked up is the cherry on top of a pretty perfect day.  [smile]  We are at that point of the move in process that we are beginning to get into a routine- a beautiful pattern of life together. We woke up this morning or more accurately Caleb dragged me out of bed this morning to go on a walk/run to the church and back.  After showers, I dropped Caleb off at work and I went out to do some errands.  We met up for lunch and then I spent the afternoon preparing an early dinner before Caleb’s evening meeting which we ate at our kitchen table.  [smile]  This day has been so fun and I cannot wait to celebrate more ordinary days like this one!

Beautiful table amidst the boxes.

Beautiful table despite the boxes!

In other news: in the last week and a half I have unpacked the essentials in the kitchen and our clothes in the master bedroom.  Our house, while not decorated and thus sorely lacking in personality, is fully functional.  And let the hallelujah chorus begin because after 7 weeks and a handful of days we are no longer living out of suitcases!  [smile]

With the all the chaos of the last week and my inability to post, I’ve decided to try the New Home Week theme for the next week.  There is so much I want to share about our new place and the process of moving.  Below is a preview of coming attractions:

Friday: “The Saga of My First Pintrocity”… featuring the perfected recipe for Caleb’s Birthday Cupcakes!
Monday: “Growing in Gratitude: 633, 782”
Thursday: “His and Hers: Humor”

– Margaret


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