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Growing in Gratitude: 633,782

Growing in Gratitude: A weekly series on “Daily Musings on Life Together”
The psalmist wrote, “Sing a joyful noise to the Beloved all peoples of the earth! Serve the Lord with a glad heart! Join hands in the great Dance of Life!” (from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying). Join me in this dance each Monday as I practice giving thanks for things big, small, tangible, and intangible. Feel free to count your blessings in the comments.

Originally I was hoping this post or one like it would be what would mark our move day, but honestly I simply too exhausted to move when we finally got everything unloaded and the essentials ready for our first night in our new home.  After my forced sabbatical during the time of no internet and my struggle to get back into the habit of writing daily, I am finally getting a chance to put thoughts to paper about moving into our first home nearly 2 weeks to the day of our move.  All in all given all the upheaval I’m willing to cut myself some slack on delaying this reflection.  I hope that’s okay with y’all.  [smile] Below is the start of the post I was writing on move day.  My added thoughts begin after the italics.

Today was move day! We arrived around a quarter to 10 and unloaded our big UHaul with the help of some great volunteers from the church and Caleb’s parents. [smile] After the boxes were unloaded, the first thing we did was head to the bedroom to ready our bed for this evening when we would collapse from exhaustion. We have a bed to sleep in under a roof that is our very own! We are so blessed.

For the seven weeks we were without a home of our own I wrestled with how to describe our situation. While in transition, the word that seemed easiest to use was also a word that carried with it so many connotations that I paused each time it escaped my lips.  Homeless.  In a literal sense of course we were without a home, but after living for three years in a city with one of the largest homeless populations in the country its hard not to think twice about using that word so casually.  Although for seven weeks we were in transition, we were not one of the 633, 782 individuals who were without a safe place to sleep.  Although for seven weeks we lived out of a suitcase, we were not one of the 633, 782 individuals who didn’t have a place to store those belongings during the day.  Although for seven weeks our daily routines of life were interrupted, we were not one of the 633,782 individuals whose health and well-being was threatened by the hardship of not having a home.  Despite whatever inconveniences we experienced during our brief stint between homes, we were blessed and I am grateful.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, approximately 633,782 individuals “experience homelessness on any given night in the United States.”  Can I just say for the record that I think that is 633,782 people too many?

Today I am thankful for my home and I cry out for justice for the 633,782 persons who remain unhoused.

What are you grateful for?



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