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The Picture Wall Puzzle


I can’t figure it out.  I’ve tried what seems like a thousand different combinations and I just can’t decide how it should look.  The Picture Wall is the bane of my existence! [smile]

Caleb has been dreaming of this picture wall since we visited one of our seminary professor’s house in early spring.  Frankly I don’t remember Dr. Oden’s picture wall.  I’m sure it was great, but on that particular evening I was much more concerned with winning Bananagrams.  [smile]  Anyway, Caleb loved the picture wall with it’s mix of  old and new pictures and was fascinated by the hundreds of stories that were on display.   I think if we hadn’t been living in our tiny apartment with concrete walls, Caleb would have come home that night and designated a picture wall in our apartment. Ever since we moved into our parsonage the picture wall has become the hot topic of conversation.  We have space.  We have walls that aren’t concrete.  We must have a picture wall.  [smile]

Well, we’ve decided on a wall, but there are an endless number of combinations in which our pictures could be arranged.  Plus we have bookoodles of old frames that I’m trying to choose from.  I am so concerned… probably too concerned with getting it “right” because I hate to put more holes than necessary in the wall.  So I’m stuck.  The current permutation of our picture wall (see above picture) is currently laid out on the floor of our hallway and that’s how it will stay until tomorrow because I’m going to have to sleep on this puzzle for another night.



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