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Something old, something new

We’ve been on the search for some furniture for the parsonage– both for furniture that will be ours to move with us and for furniture that will stay with the house.  Yesterday afternoon we picked up the first addition to our present and future household of furniture.  The beautiful antique cane couch and two chairs that is bringing new life to our living room came to us from a friend of friend.  The whole story seems a bit like something that might happen in a novel.  [smile]

Penny and Steven were given the furniture, which was antique when they got it, shortly after they married and it moved with them for 30 years.  Now that they are downsizing they needed to find a new home for some of their antiques.  Our mutual friend Mary Ruth made the connection and now our home is graced by the furniture that has such a rich history.  Their something old is our something new and given the beauty of this furniture I can imagine that we’ll be moving with it for years too.  [smile]  Life is full of so many happy coincidences, don’t you think?

I haven’t had the chance to take a photo yet of our new additions but will snap a pic later today after I’ve had a chance to place all the furniture in its new home.



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