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The Front Porch Visitor

The Front Porch Visitor

Don’t have a lot of time to reflect this morning.  I am currently waiting for 2 members of the church to show up to help me de-wallpaper and paint the master bath.  Today will be my first foray into painting and I must admit that my excitement at the thought of an updated bathroom is tinged with some apprehension.  Luckily my visitors/volunteers have years of experience under their belts so I’m in good hands.  [smile]

In the process of finishing all the tidying up this morning before the parishioners arrive I ran into another visitor on our porch. Isn’t it a marvel what we encounter in this beautifully created world?  After snapping a pic, I quickly moved our unexpected guest out of harms way.  Can you spot him in this photo below?

I spy...

I spy…

Hope you experience the joy of the unexpected today.




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