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His and Hers: Inbox maintenance

Daily Musings “His and Her’s” series is back! It’s Thursday and its been too many weeks since my last “His and Her’s” post, plus I just can’t talk about the bathroom remodel for another second.  For those wondering where we are in the process, I’ll just say our one day project is turning into multi-week project.  In the last 48 hours, I feel like I’ve learned the secrets of DIY homeowners out there: plan to expect the unexpected and everything takes longer.  [smile]

Back to the “His and Her’s” post for today- inbox maintenance.  Da da duuuummmmm!  Did you hear the scary music too at the mention of such a heavy and dreaded topic or was it just me?  Perhaps I’m the only person whose anxiety slowly increases with the number of unread items in my email inbox.  [smile]  My inbox anxiety disorder began near the end of college when I found myself with a very full and very mismanaged inbox where I could hardly find anything that I needed.  The ever-growing inbox was a result of a summer of little to no email access when I was a camp counselor and my tendency to be a bit of a pack rat. [smile]  By the end of my 4 year stint at LaGrange College it seemed like dozens of more messages were added to the pile each time I logged on.  It got to the point that I just thought for sure I was going to lose it.

Thankfully around the same time my inbox anxiety disorder was reaching its peak I discovered Google’s Gmail.  Gmail’s user-friendly platform with the capability to create different folders and archive just about any and every email I wished felt heaven sent. So I said goodbye to my old address and became mnellbagwell [at] gmail [dot] com.  [smile]  When I converted to Gmail I thought my days of anxiety producing inboxes were over but boy was I wrong.  I’m sure by now you all know where this is going– Caleb’s inbox is bursting at the seams!

You may be wondering why the state of Caleb’s inbox should even matter to me.  Well I must admit that is a great question and my not so great answer is “I don’t know.”  It is his email inbox and not mine.  Only occasionally does something that I need to see only get mailed to him, regardless his very full (we are talking 7000+ messages) makes me break out in sweats.  [smile]  The obvious difference in our ideas of inbox maintenance got me wondering whether one or the other of us were more “normal” than the other.  Time for another poll. [smile] Share your thoughts below.




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