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Temporarily stalled, part 1

Just when I begin to think I’m hitting a consistent stride at settling into life together in Kingsport my progress is stalled.  Such as life, I guess… well, at least that’s the story of our life last week.  [smile]

If I had been asked to forecast our week Monday morning, I’d have said a very productive front was headed the Fragwell’s way.  With extra prep work, I was determined last Monday morning to check the final few things off my “I’ve moved now I have to do this” list.  Top of the list was getting a Tennessee driver’s license and so Sunday night Caleb and I scrambled around gathering every document possible to verify that I am Margaret Frazier.  Finding the documents was quite a process and I was almost in tears by bed time out of shear frustration in trying to decipher the online DMV’s list of required documentation and worry that my interpretation was incorrect.  If you have tried to get a license that required a name change recently, you will understand.  [smile]

Funnily enough getting my driver’s license was the easiest part of our week.  Always a Georgia girl at heart, I am now proudly a Tennessee resident.  [smile]  The trouble started as I was driving away from the DMV.  My journey into a productive week was literally stalled when my faithful Honda Accord decided she’d traveled as far as she was able.  Thankfully her journey ended in the parking lot of a car repair shop.  Unfortunately we were informed later that afternoon that the transmission was beyond repair.

So the week was quite literally stalled!  I have to say that I felt a bit emotionally stalled with the death of the car I brought into our marriage.   Even though it had over over 200,000 miles on it, we totally expected to be able to get 100,000 more out of it.  It was a Honda for goodness sake.  They last forever.  [smile]  Plus, I’m one of those people who gets attached to their cars and with fond memories of my family’s Civics when I was a kid I was particularly fond of my Accord.  In fact the Accord even made it into the 6 word biography I wrote for an orientation event for seminary.

Karaoke queen of my Honda Accord.

The rest of the story will follow tomorrow.



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