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Temporarily stalled, Part 2


So when we last ended the story the we’d found out my Honda Accord, aka the Karaoke Palace, was sadly beyond repair. [see photo above]

It is amazing how much time dealing with a dead vehicle sucks out of a week.  In the last week I’ve learned the first and easiest decision is to repair or not repair and after that the search begins first for a temporary ride, then a permanent fix.  The temporary fix proved to be a more difficult question to answer for us because since our move we’ve been sharing a car and didn’t have a second car in Kingsport.  The car sharing scenario came about both because Caleb’s Jeep hasn’t been functioning reliably and because we were so used to living in DC where a car is more of a luxury than a necessity.  Ah, how I miss the accessibility of city living. [smile]

Without a second vehicle at our disposal, we took the most obvious route possible for a preacher’s family and took to cruising in the big brown church van! [smile]  We’ve only been here for 2 months and already we are building an arsenal of silly stories of our quirky adventures at our first appointment.  Thankfully Caleb’s parents live near by and were able to drop off a spare car — a silver t-top Trans Am– for us to use, but not before we drove through a couple of car lots checking out our options from the church van.  I’m sure we reeked of desperation and would have been pounced on by the car salesmen, aka vultures, had we actually stopped to do some serious shopping.

Even though we only looked at a couple of lots the search for the right vehicle took up our whole week what with the online shopping and research that necessarily accompanies the modern car buying experience.  Something I didn’t realize about the process of car shopping was that it’s not really about finding the right car but more about making the right deal.  [smile]  After test driving a couple of cars at our local Honda pre-owned lot we decided fairly quickly that the ’07 Honda Accord below was the car we were looking for, but it took us another few hours to finalize the price, sign the papers, and drive away in our new ride.  Before the end of the process, I was almost in tears.  Stressful doesn’t even begin to describe the ordeal of purchasing a car.  My prayer upon driving away from the dealer was that this car would last us many years so we can avoid another experience like this one anytime soon.  [smile]


Stalled no more, the only piece of the puzzle yet to figure out is what to do with my old Accord.  That will have to be a question for tomorrow because I’m too exhausted from the whole ordeal of finding our new Accord to figure it out tonight.



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