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Why you could eat out of my sink

The war is over and I have emerged victorious!  The fruit flies put up a really great defense, but after a week and a half without seeing one of the little pesky critters I think they are gone for good.  [smile]  So I kid, but only a little bit.  Those awful fruit flies have really been driving me bonkers.  Nothing feels clean when you have a fruit fly buzzing about.

The frustration hit a high about 2 weeks after we moved in when I realized these critters weren’t going to just disappear.  So of course I headed to Pinterest to find recommendations to fill my arsenal.  First, I tried the creating a fruit fly trap with apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and decaying fruit.  The fruit flies hanging out in my kitchen were not big fans.  I don’t think I got rid of any fruit flies from that trap.  After lots of other attempts including leaving a light on overnight to make a trap more appealing, I finally found the pin that lead me to success!

Fruit flies breed in drains. Pour a mixture of half white vinegar half boiling water down the drain daily to stop them at the source. Keep the area around the drain dry. (Courtesy of Everyday Roots)

Ever since reading this I’ve diligently poured boiling water and vinegar down the drain each morning then cleaning the entire sink.  And finally no more flies! Perhaps part of the disappearance of the flies is due to the change in the weather, but I like to think that my daily routine of cleaning the sink was the last nail in the fruit fly coffin.  As an added bonus my sink is so clean that you could eat out of it if that’s something you’re into.  [smile]

So that’s my tip from life in “The Parsonage.”  Happy Tuesday!



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