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Writing is both a hobby I enjoy indulging here and skill that I put to use while in graduate school.  I have been completely blessed to have had two of the papers I wrote while earning my Masters in Historical Archaeology from the University of Bristol published.  [smile]  The publications below are part of my growing (I hope) professional portfolio:

  • “Diary of a Doughboy: Interpreting a textual artifact of the First World War.” Beyond the Dead Horizon: Studies in 20th Century Conflict Archaeology. Oxbow Books, 2011. (authored as Margaret Bagwell)
  • “After the Storm, Destruction and Reconstruction: The Potential for an Archaeology of Hurricane Katrina.” Archaeologies. Volume 5, Number 2, August 2009. (authored as Margaret Bagwell)

I am interested in continuing to explore opportunities to write professionally, particularly on topics of theology, spirituality, church history, and the intersection of faith and daily life.  If you are publisher and you like what you’ve read, I would love to hear from you.  Email me at margaret.n.frazier@gmail.com.



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