Growing in Gratitude: “The hills are alive”

There’s just a chance that we will receive a sprinkling of snow tomorrow.  Can you believe it?  It’s April for goodness sake, but I guess I shouldn’t be totally surprised.  I’m fairly certain the first snow fall I experienced as a child happened around Easter.  [smile]

Looking out at the verdant mountains and blue sky surrounding our little valley I’m not as convinced that these predictions will come to fruition.  The only snow that seems likely to fall tomorrow are the rest of the white petals from our Bradford pear tree in the front yard or the fading pink  petals from our neighbors cherry blossom.  In the last week the hills have come alive with color.  The grey spindly winter branches are all beginning to show signs that after this long cold winter spring is actually on its way.  Along with the signs of spring, I am increasingly aware of the impending arrival of our sweet little one.  Kicks that are not my own are getting stronger and more frequent in my growing round abdomen.  More posts about our little one are for sure coming in the future, but for now I’ll close…

Today I am grateful for the colorful hills surrounding our valley that hold the promise of spring.


[An addendum:  blame my pregnancy brain for forgetting that I had this ready to post last night and not doing so until today.  Looks like the forecasts were true at least in part.  Freezing rain seems to be a real possibility today.  Praying that warm temperatures come back soon and that the beautiful spring blossoms won’t be affected by this late freeze.]