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Nearly Ordained Cafe is where I keep track of the posts I write about the spirituality of food, cooking, baking, and gathering around the table.  If you are curious about the name, follow this link for the full story.

Just a few notes about my cooking profile: Officially, I’m a pescatarian because I do eat fish on occasion, but I’d say 99% of my cooking is vegetarian.  Thankfully, I live with a carnivore who doesn’t mind and even enjoys vegetarian cuisine.  When I do cook a meat dish for him, its usually a last minute add in to something I’ve made vegetarian for me.  I try to cook from semi-scratch– i.e. I don’t make my own broth, I use canned veggies from time to time, and every once in a while I even embrace the ease of making a cake from a mix.  That being said most of our food budget is spent on fresh produce that I incorporate into our meals or that we eat raw.

The MVS "Nearly Ordained Cafe Chocolate Raspberry Birthday Cake

“Nearly Ordained Cafe”
Chocolate Raspberry Birthday Cake

Let’s see what else should you know… My favorite food is pizza, especially from We the Pizza in DC.  I always start my day with a cup of coffee.  Recently I’ve started always keeping a small stash of dark chocolate almonds on hand for a relatively guilt-free snack.  [smile]

Past posts with recipes/blogs about cooking or the spirituality of food:


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