“Chicken Gangs of Broxton”

Yesterday evening we said goodbye to Broxton, but because I’ve had an impromptu week long series of posts inspired by that sweet small town I thought I would round up my observations today.  Thanks for indulging me!

Not much changes in Broxton from visit to visit.  A new plant may appear in the garden off the porch or Granddaddy may have a new brand of coffee to serve in the morning, but otherwise everything pretty much stays the same and I like it that way.  [smile]  Over the last few visits, however I’ve noticed that something is different.  Broxton has been invaded by nefarious gangs that wander the streets all hours of the day and congregate on street corners. The leaders wear red masks and headdresses.  All their groupies are dressed to the nines in full feather coats.  They are robbing the little robins and chickadees of the precious little food they’ve stored away.  Broxton’s been overtaken by the “Chicken Gangs!” [smile]

Somehow a flock of wild chickens have taken up residence in Broxton.  [smile]  It really is the most delightful thing to watch them wandering back and forth from the neighborhood bird feeders.  I must admit that I was simply entranced.  Of course the enchantment of the fowl wears thin in the early morning hours when the roosters begin to crow.  [smile]

I thought perhaps Broxton had a new free range law governing personal chickens, but Grammy assured me that they belong to no one.  They roost in the shrubs around the church and around my grandparents house at night.  How the flock came to be is a mystery though the flocks increasing size is most certainly due to no one robbing their eggs!  The whole mystery of their appearance really begs that age old question:  Which came first the chickens or the eggs?  [smile]

I realize I’m being a bit silly, but they really are fascinating creatures to watch.  They do move about like little gangs.  While I didn’t see any fights erupt, I do imagine that a few rivalries among the roosters flare up every now and then.  I like to think that their fights play out with the pizazz of the street fights in West Side Story!  Now that they are here I hope they’ll stick around for a while so that I can enjoy them on my next visit.


PS– I was hoping to have a picture to accompany this post, but the chickens and roosters must have sensed my interest in their antics and were hiding out all day or maybe they’re on the lam.  [smile]