If I Could Keep You Little

Book Review of If I Could Keep You Little by Marianne Richmond

I love happy coincidences.  Last week happily I ran across this little book just after writing about knowing that one day many years from now I’ll have to let our future little ones fly off on their own adventures.  I was out shopping for gifts for some of my friends little ones and “surprisingly” found myself in the book section. [smile]  I love gifting books, especially to children.  When I give children a book, I always feel like I’m blessing them with a greater gift– the joy of reading.  When I was born, a parishioner at my father’s church gave me a copy of Charlotte’s Web in which she wrote:  “Here’s something she won’t grow out of.”  [smile]  So I try to follow in her footsteps by sharing the wonderful blessing she once gave me.

If I Could Keep You Little is a precious book that is as much for parents as it is for children.  It is all about a parent opening up their heart to embrace the blessings that come with children who are growing older.  Each page adopts the same pattern celebrating the joy of little ones and then naming the joys of discovering something new as a child grows.

“If I could keep you little, I’d fly you with my feet.  But then I’d miss you seeing sky and cloud from your seat.”

As with any good children’s book, half of the story is revealed in the pictures.  I can imagine the conversations that must be sparked by Richmond’s simple yet rich watercolor illustrations.  Somehow Richmond captures both present joys of parenting young children and the future blessings of watching them “become the person they are meant to be.”  My mother and I were both almost in tears by the end of my reading it to her.  [smile]  With its tearjerker charm, this book has the potential to become the next Love You Forever.  I recommend that next time you find yourself in a bookstore you pick up a copy for yourself and for the present and future parents you know.