His and Her’s: Coffee

CoffeeHis and Her’s: A weekly series on “Daily Musings on Life Together”

Can you guess which cup is Caleb’s?  [smile]  Even if you didn’t know that he is a Beatles super-fan, all you’d have to do to tell our cups apart would be to give them a bit of a sniff.  We definitely both love our morning joe, but we are not at all on the same page about how to enjoy it.

I’m a coffee purist.  For my regular morning coffee ritual I like dark roast, rich flavor and a couple of tablespoons of half and half to mellow it out to a dark caramel color.  Yum… I can taste it now.  Well, I actually can because I’m enjoying some now.  [smile]  Caleb on the other hand likes his coffee sweet and creamy.  I’ve broken him on the need to have flavored coffee creamer every day… all that sugar can’t be the best for you… but whenever he can get his hands on it he goes for the flavored sugary goodness.  The actual flavor doesn’t seem to matter as much as the sweetness.  His final concoction ends up a light camel color.

On one essential ingredient to our coffee routine we both agree.  A cup of coffee is best enjoyed together.  On those mornings when Caleb had early classes I barely drank a sip of my morning cup.  It never tasted nearly as good as the cups we’ve sipped together.  So my recipe for the best cup of coffee is to find someone you love to share it with.  It’s bound to be the best cup you’ve ever tasted!