Growing in Gratitude: Reminders

Growing in Gratitude: A weekly series on “Daily Musings on Life Together”
The psalmist wrote, “Sing a joyful noise to the Beloved all peoples of the earth! Serve the Lord with a glad heart! Join hands in the great Dance of Life!” (from Nan Merrill’s Psalms for Praying). Join me in this dance each Monday as I practice giving thanks for things big, small, tangible, and intangible. Feel free to count your blessings in the comments.

I’ve been trying to think about what to write today, but I have felt distracted.  A friend of mine from college has been on my mind this weekend.  Well she has been in my thoughts and prayers for a while, but particularly this weekend.  I haven’t seen her in several years, but through the wonders of Facebook I have been able to stay connected enough to watch her beautiful family grow and her life to unfold.  [smile] Within the last year, she has experienced a very severe health crisis and recently shared that she is reaching the end of possible treatments for her illness.  Faced with this scary news, my friend wrote an inspiring reflection about her desire to celebrate life with her family, to continue fighting her illness, and most importantly to trust that God is working.  Her choice to move forward into this future which she would not have chosen trusting that God is walking with her has served as a particularly poignant reminder for me this weekend of the importance of living fully into the present God has given us.

Today I am thankful for this reminder that we have been gifted with one holy and precious life.

What are you grateful for?