Saturday Morning: In 3 acts

Act 1:  “ANI” for the win!


At least one of our weekend mornings each week involves a game of Scrabble.  We received the board game for Christmas from Lisa and Raymond, my wonderful in-laws, and began incorporating it into our weekend routine in the new year.  I love playing Scrabble for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m super competitive and its a game at which I excel.  Caleb has come within a hair of beating me a couple of times, but somehow I always seem to come out on top.  This morning the competition was intense going into my final turn I was down by 5 and narrowly squeezed out a win by catching Caleb with 2 tiles left in his hand.  The final score was 285 to 284.   I will admit though its funny how now that I’m winning against this person that I love so much and who I really want to see succeed, the victory doesn’t taste near as sweet as when I won Clue or Monopoly against my little sisters.  [smile]  Sorry Sarah and Rachel.
  2. Playing Scrabble together also reminds me of Mom and Pop, my grandparents.  Mom is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s now and can’t play like she once could, but for years my grandparents would end each day with a game of Scrabble or Rummikub together.  It helped keep their minds sharp and was a point of connection with each other.  Whenever I visited, they would invite me to join in the nightly game.   I always enjoyed it because a different side of their relationship was on display.  My own competitiveness is just like my Mom’s.  Oh how she hated to loose!  She would even playfully accuse Pop of cheating.  It was so cute and like looking through a window into their days of “courting.”  I hope Caleb and I will keep playing until we’re old and gray and until my mind goes.

Act 2:  Pancakes a la Margaret

Pancakes w/ Lemon Curd and RaspberriesOh I just have to share my new favorite way to eat pancakes.  So I felt like something sweet for breakfast this morning and found a couple of pancakes from a couple of weeks ago hiding out in my freezer.  So I popped them in the over… we don’t have a microwave, but that’s for another post at another time. [smile]  Then the only question was what to top them with.

I’m really trying to cut back on processed sugars and added calories and pancakes are already sweet so I’ve been trying to discover ways of eating them without honey or syrup.  I checkout the fridge for what I had on hand and of course the raspberries were sitting there just calling out to me.  Then I perused the door and spied the jar of lemon curd I’d bought last week to make a pie for some new parents in our church.  The two were begging to be put together.  So I spread a thin layer of lemon curd on each pancake and filled it with raspberries.  Eating it “taco-style,” it was one of those “I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before and I will never forget how awesome this tastes” moments.  So yummy!

Act 3:  Blogging in the library to the soundtrack of my high school years

So that catches me up to the present where I reveling in the joy of reflecting on the simple pleasure of a simple morning while sitting in my favorite spot in our seminary’s library with Caleb at the computer behind me writing a paper and listening to 90’s pop on Pandora.  To say I am happy being me and being where I am now doesn’t quite express how completely content I feel.

Each moment of contentment or happiness now though brings up a feeling on nostalgia.  We are officially a month from graduation and a month and 1 day away from moving from DC and a little over 2 months from the move into our new parsonage.  I am so excited but will also miss so much about DC.  Last night Caleb and I went out to one of places in the city, We the Pizza on Capitol Hill, and then took a walk around the special places in the city for us.  We walked around the Library of Congress complexes where he told me he loved me the first time and then visited Dupont Circle where we met for our first date and where he proposed.

It will be odd leaving all of these special spaces behind, but I like the thought of making more places special.  Somewhere in Tennessee is the special restaurant where we’ll go to celebrate our first anniversary.  In some hospital in some new place, we’ll check into the labor and delivery unit to have our first baby.   Not anytime in the near future mind you.  We’re not there yet, but someday we’ll create that memory.  [smile]  And someday in the future when our kids are old enough to enjoy it we’ll take them on vacation to DC where we met and fell in love.

Reflecting on the past and the future is fun, but right now I’m going to try to practice the sacrament of the present moment and focus on being happy being right here, right now.  Will you join me?