His and Hers: Bursting with Pride

I try to reserve Thursday His and Hers post for something with a bit more humor, but today I am so excited over yesterday’s events that I simply must share!  Yesterday my husband officially became Rev. Caleb Frazier!  All of his hard work in seminary and the work he put in on his essays and interviews finally paid off and he was commissioned by the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.  I am bursting with pride! [smile]

Caleb's Commissioning

Caleb’s Commissioning

Granted this is only the first step toward being fully recognized as a elder in the UMC (Caleb will have more essays to write, interviews, and evaluations over the next 2 years), but still getting to this point is really something to celebrate.  Before I continue to reflect a couple of quick thank yous:  Caleb had a great group come out to support him as he moved forward with this public declaration of his intent to follow his call.   I am so thankful his parents were sitting with me in the family section and equally grateful to have some new friends from “the church” we’ll begin serving later this month and old friends who are also pastors in the conference to join us as well!  The day was so much more special having you there.

The theme of the conference was IMAGINE which seemed particularly appropriate given Caleb’s Beatles obsession.  [smile]  A friend commented on Facebook after I posted pictures of the commissioning that she thought IMAGINE was a great theme also to capture the transition we are making into life as “the preacher’s family.”  I agree completely!  The future seems like it is open so wide now that Caleb has been confirmed in his calling in such a powerful way.

The author of Acts records this in the second chapter, verse seventeen:

‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.

I feel like the prophesying and dreaming about what our life of ministry will be like is just beginning.  I am overjoyed to find that Caleb was commissioned with other young adults who are visioning, dreaming, and prophesying too.  As our Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor said in her sermon during the service of commissioning and ordination, I am hopeful for the future of the church when I look at those who have been commissioned or ordained yesterday.

With the Rev. Caleb Frazier!

With the Rev. Caleb Frazier!

Thank you for indulging my gushing today!  I am just so proud, excited, and joyful.